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Our Story

Rebelwithveg was born through a true love for vegetables and their incredible capacity to help shield us from disease and revert us back to health.


I was born and raised  in Cyprus, surrounded by nature at its best.  An abundant garden and fields with fig, olive, nut, pomegranate and citrus trees, a vineyard, vegetables and herbs of all sorts provided me with the opportunity to know the real deal of food. 


I was very familiar with the experience of picking up a crop at perfect ripeness and eating it on the spot.  There was never a thought about pesticides/herbicides, plastic packaging of global produce, GMO, chemically-induced ripening etc.  This was the real deal of natural food.


As I’ve now lived in the UK for the past 25 years, I face a very different scene with food and its impact on health.  With the prominent presence of cheap, hyper-processed and nutrient-poor food, many of us have allowed  harmful food-like products to creep into our homes.  Before we know it, we are choosing quick ready meals and unhealthy snacks on the go.  Many of us have even forgotten what  wholesome health-giving food tastes like.  It is easier to pick up a packet of crisps for a snack instead of peel a carrot, right? But this convenience comes with a huge price tag: ill health.  


That’s how the term Rebelwithveg was inspired.  I believe that when you choose vegetables you rebel for your health.  When you see the default situation  ‘with a side of chips’, or ‘pay extra for vegetables’ in food establishments and you opt for veggies instead, you are a veg rebel in my eyes too.  These small conscious changes are the ones that will have a great positive impact on your health over time.  Alongside several personalised approaches that we will discuss in our 1-2-1 consultations, we will work together to get you back to where you want to be with your health.  Because ‘health’ means a different thing to each one of us.  Personally, I see my health as a vehicle to live life as I choose to: with a thriving body to keep me active and a sharp mind to allow me to be creative, fun and of service to others.  What does your health mean to you?

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